Dropping Illusions

It has been a while since I’ve written anything at Sky tantra massage’s blog. I escaped the Nordic winter to Koh Phangan, Thailand, to do intensive yoga at Shri Kali Ashram. Three months of yoga and massage practice, swimming and sunshine on tropical island – sounds like a paradise, doesn’t it?

Well, the time there was indeed great. Nothing to worry about, no hurry and no stress. What I did not expect, however, was that returning to so-called normal life could be so hard. And why?

Even though I did not feel tremendous shifts or have deep experiences during the yoga practice at Shri Kali, I think the time there worked deeply on all of us long term practitioners. Subtle but profound. Read more

can tantric massage heal you?

Can Someone Else Actually Heal You?

Have you ever wondered about healing? There are so many tantric massage healers, healer for individules and healer for couples… and I use the term loosely that can heal anyone of anything, but how exactly do they do that? Well, the simple answer is they don’t. That is a bold statement to make so allow me to clarify, from my own perspective of course.

can tantric massage heal you?

The body heals itself; pure and simple. It a natural organism that has the power and capacity to either heal itself or destroy itself. If you don’t believe that then clearly you have never had a virus or a cold but you would be robot for that to happen, as we are all susceptible to germs, bacteria and other organisms in our universe. The body has its own unique fighting agents that go on patrol when they discover an invader of any kind. Sometimes it can be an invader that is perfectly natural, such as can be experienced with hay fever, but for some reasons, the body identifies it as an intruder and tries to remove it from the body.

The body is ruled by the mind and the brain. This means the brain has the capacity to produce symptoms of illness, even if the illness is not actually present in the body. Sometimes the truth cannot be separated, which means you can be taking medication for a non-existent condition. In cases such as these and other kinds of conditions, you may find a person has a spontaneous healing. Another person, who you may call a healer if you like the term, can induce this healing. However, all the healer has done is produce conditions that are ripe for the recovery to happen. Of course, it is all very much more complicated in actuality than it sounds, but that is the basic function of a healer. A healer is an enabler too. If we all listened to the messages our bodies are telling us each and every day, we would all have the capacity to be disease-free. But the truth is we don’t. We set ourselves routines, bad habits, poor eating patterns, punishing work schedules and many more challenges and expect our body to just carry on regardless. Of course, for a period of time the body can cope, however, it will soon succumb under the stress of it all. Just imagine all those bad habits as silt deposits that build up in a river. Initially it may be unnoticed, but sooner or later it will cause problems and rectifying the results is harder to do than prevent them in the first place.

Healing is about mind

Healing is about mind

Choosing a healing practitioner to facilitate the healing process may be more difficult than you may initially think, as we all have preconceived ideas, whether we realize it or not. In fact, in a first meeting you will make up your mind whether your practitioner can offer you anything, and this deep-seated view will be formed not only according to how you perceive the practitioner, but also to old patterns of recognition. If your memory store in your unconscious mind connects anything in the therapist or their environment to a negative pattern or memory of response then no healing will take place. The problem is you won’t always know this!





Couples having intimate massage

The Rise of Erotic Massage for Couples

Erotic Massage is an incredibly exciting, explicit and intimate sensual massage journey that will change and enhance your libido as well as your sexual relationships. Erotic massage leads recipients to discover new depths of intimacy and awareness of their own and their lover’s sexuality.

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read about Massage Room etiquette in London

Massage Room etiquette

When you book a tantric massage with Sky tantric massage company, you are our customer, and we will try our best to provide you the best experience with our massage services. In the mean time, in order to perform a good tantric massage, there are some Massage Room etiquettes need you to respect, please see below:

read about Massage Room etiquette in London

Why do I have to shower at the massage studio when i just left home?

We strongly defend our masseuses when it comes to hygiene at work. For this reason we request that all clients shower at the massage studio before their session. It means clients are squeaky clean on the massage couch and it shows respect for the job masseuses do. Please note: Time used for having a shower does not reduce your massage time..so there is no reason to feel rushed.

N.B – Masseuses reserve the right to refuse a booking if a client’s personal hygiene is less than acceptable.

Am I allowed to touch or caress the masseuse?

This is one of the most asked questions we receive. The short answer is: Touching is not allowed without the direct permission of the masseuse.

Naturist and Tantric massage are hugely exciting. So it’s natural to want to touch your masseuse while she is making you feel amazing. However, it is a mark of respect to always ask your masseuse if you can touch and always appreciated when clients as. And her answer MUST be respected. If the answer is yes please remain respectful.
Permission to touch does not give permission to grope or behave inappropriately. If this happens your masseuses will end the session immediately

Will my massage end if I have an orgasm part way through the session?

Your session ends when the booked time is up. We offer a massage service based on time. The masseuse will continue your massage until your time has elapsed.

If you are female client, and you are shy about this massage,you can read more about Questions about tantric massage for women.


Learn about Tantric massage!

One easy way to learn about Tantric massage is to read as much as you can either from the internet or you can browse your local bookstore for books and alternatively, purchase a DVD on the subject. One advice before purchasing a book on Tantric massage, make sure the pages are well illustrated with pictures, photos and diagrams, and contain comprehensive information about the practice, the rituals required and the methods of preparation for the massage. The other alternative is to sign up with a center that provides experience or service in Tantric massage, and these training centers are available in most major cities around the world, you can Google the subject and make your selection for a erotic massage center nearest to you.

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my new massage candle

New look for TML and a new discussion…

Hi dear clients and readers,

After several suggestions and requests I decided to take the plunge and give my website a little make over. I arranged to have new pictures taken and all eighteen that I selected from the many that we did are live now. Have a look and I hope you like them.

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Opening Your Mind to Tantric Massage

Opening Your Mind to Tantric Massage

When you see a massage therapsit advert she provides tantric massage in London, what do you think? There is no denying that many hear the words Tantric massage and think of sex, nudity and something that takes place in a dark room hidden from the world. This is far from the case – in fact, Tantric massage is part of the Western interpretation of what was once (and still is, in parts of the world) a very spiritual practice. Of course, Tantric massage is a little more sensual than meditating with the goal of spiritual enlightenment, but the aim of this form of massage is still beyond sexual gratification – the broad goal can be defined as reaching new levels of sexual enlightenment with the help of a pleasurable massage delivered by a skilled professional. Alternatively, many turn to Tantric massage as a form of sexual therapy. (Learn more about Tantra Sex)

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the tantric massage in London during the session

What is Tantric Massage

If you are not familiar with the term tantric, you may be wondering what is tantric massage. This is a special massage that applies the use of loving touches to stimulate the spiritual life force while soothing the body and the senses. This experience is a celebration of your whole being and will encourage you to completely relax. You will be transported to a state of complete consciousness to touch as well as pleasure. A tantric massage for men will bring you the mastery of your sexual skills.

If you are wondering what is tantra massage you ought to be prepared to be opened up to the awareness of your breathing, energy, and touch. The tantric massage for men encompasses all parts of your being from the physical to the mental to the spiritual. This massage allows you to discover an important part of Tantra i.e. the ability of our beings to surrender completely. Learning how to surrender completely will allow you to fully experience the sensations of the moment without the distraction of anticipating the future or what is coming next. There will be no need for fantasizing or reacting because you feel the need to do so. Full surrender enables the stimulation of your sexual energy (life force) and allows you to expand and flow.

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tantric massage for men

Can Tantric Massage Cure Male Sexual Dysfunctions or It’s Just a Myth?

We at Sky tantric Massage London offering a lot of tantric massage service to men & women, during our daily operation, one of the most asked question is :

Can Tantric Massage Cure Male Sexual Dysfunctions? Today, we are here for the answer.

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunctions and other sexual problems often look for relief at massage salons, instead of the doctor’s office. Some believe they will be cured by a sensual massage; others try to forget about their problems and enjoy a different type of sexual pleasure. But what are the facts regarding sexual dysfunctions and Tantric massage?

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