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Erotic Massage: Old “Female Hysteria” Remedy Provides Worthwhile Physical and Emotional Benefits



Just the word “erotic” could cause many to shy away from this kind of massage – perhaps being too taboo. However, erotic massage is highly known for its many benefits, which includes the emotional, sexual and physical connections that people get from it.

Okay, there is some disagreement about the erotic massage, with some arguing that it’s nothing more than just a socially-accepted way to have sexual contact. Erotic massage, however, has been used for centuries as a medical treatment.

The History Of Erotic Massage

In the 17th century, a condition known as “female hysteria” led to the medical method of “pelvic massage”. To think that female hysteria was a true medical condition is fairly funny and that the form of treatment for it was an exceptionally intimate massage that was regarded as being non-sexual in nature.

The treatment’s goal was to help women – mainly windows and single women – have multiple convulsions. Medical professionals were using this treatment for hours on women “affected” with the condition.

It was believed that this condition was real and the only way to treat it was to do a pelvic massage. What this actually led to was a home invention that people know of today as a vibrator. By the time the 20th century rolled around, the vibrator was advertised as the must-have item in the home. Believe it or not, it was often found in homes before the vacuum cleaner, electric can opener, etc.  Perhaps the vibrator’s existence is the reason many women don’t go through an erotic massage like men do.

London Erotic massage is well-known for what it was envisioned for – to give pleasure or be treatment for ailments – be them emotional, sexual or physical. Erotic massage is a part of the Tantric massage and used for sexual therapy. Some noted benefits of this kind of massage are”

  • Drop in blood pressure
  • Positive reaction to sexual stimulation
  • Decrease in depressive or anxious feelings
  • Rise in libido
  • Rise in self-esteem and confidence
  • Ability to maintain and control premature ejaculation

What all goes into an erotic massage? Well, that is dependent on the type of erotic massage you opt for. As the basic rule, the therapist will stimulate different erogenous zones in order to treat or pleasure… or both if you want. While sexual release can be one part of the erotic massage, it’s not the only goal of the experience. And, the therapist will make sure that it’s not over too quickly.

Get A Little London Erotic Massage



So, now you understand a little more about the erotic massage, and this is the time you need to experience it for yourself. There are all kinds of erotic massage therapists for you to choose from in London.   All you need to do to ensure you get a comfortable and relaxing erotic massage is to find the masseuse that’s right for you.