We have develop a tantra-nuru combined massage treatment for clients. The most sexy massage in London – Nothing is more exciting than having a busty female goddess slide all over your you with her perfect body. Every parts of yoru body will be massaged, including the *tantra sacred spot (*lingam). An unique combination of exotic tantric massage & nuru body massage.

Slippery Massage Provides Host of Benefits Beyond Sensual Stimulation

The Eros Nuru massage’s origins hail from the land of Japan, where it’s become well-known for its corporeal nature. This type of massage has also seen its popularity rise in the United Kingdom…for very good reason. The health benefits along with the pleasure and relaxation feelings it provides are one-of-a-kind. Therefore, if you want a new type of sensual stimulation, the slippery massage is what you need to try.

nuru massage by sky tantric

nuru massage by sky tantric

A Look At The Nuru Gel

In order for the slippery massage to work, a masseuse will use a special “nori” gel that allows her body to easily slide over yours. This will cause the erogenous zones of your body to become activate and let you feel pleasure like you’ve never felt before.

According to some folks, Nuru is a derivative of the Japanese word for seaweed: nori. It’s possible since one of the many ingredients in the gel is seaweed.

The gel is both tasteless and odorless, and its slippery nature increases the enjoyment the recipient has. The ingredient seaweed has an array of benefits:

  • Body cleansing
  • Body detoxification
  • Increase in blood flow
  • Soothing skin

It’s an amazing herbal treatment that ensures you feel wonderful after you get it. With the Nuru gel, the masseuse can give you a more sensual experience. The gel is extremely slippery and wet, cool to the touch but increases your comfort level when it’s put on your body.

What Is The Slippery Massage

Body slide is the nickname given for slippery massage, and for good reason. It ensures recipients have a full understanding of what the massage provides. The slippery massage isn’t like other massages – the gel is placed on both bodies to produce a very sexual experience. The masseuse warms the gel up using her hands to ensure the most pleasure when applied.

When applied on both bodies, it helps to ensure the most relaxation possible. After the masseuse applies it with her hands, she’ll use her naked body’s curves to your body. It starts with you lying on your front, and once done, you’ll turn over so that the massage can continue while you’re on your back. This kind of massage helps to alleviate tension and anxiety and produce a mixture of excitement and relaxation.

Like any form of sensual massage, the slippery massage can be customized to fit your needs. You’ll be asked questions to learn if you’ve already undergone the massage before and she’ll answer questions you may have about how it will work. The masseuse is a trained professional, making sure that your experience with the slippery massage is the best ever, whether it’s you’re a newbie or experienced participator. She’ll give the kind of massage that ensures you’ll do it again and again.