Nude Massage: What You Can Expect Before and During The Session

If you’re already a sensual massage lover or new to this type of therapy, you’ll get a unique, gratifying massage with the nude massage.  The nude massage will ensure you relax, take a load off and appreciate yourself immensely.

One of things about nude massage that makes it stand out to other sensual massage methods is that it offers another level of intimacy.  Why? It’s because the erotic massage therapist is also going to be nude.

nude massage therapy

London nude massage therapy

What To Expect During A Nude Massage

When you show up for your nude massage, the erotic massage therapist is going to have the place ready. The moment you walk in, you’ll be in a sensual, relaxed setting that will ensure you unwind and relish in the experience. The kinds of preparations you can expect include:

  • Mood music
  • Oils
  • Massage bed
  • Candles

If you request that the masseuse come to you, they can quickly create the mood that ensures you’ll enjoy the experience from start to finish – like you were in their massage parlor.

The nude massage starts with you getting in water – other in a shower or a Jacuzzi. Your massage therapist may help or join you during this experience. After you’ve been bathed, the masseuse will take you to the massage bed and start giving you the massage.

The massage therapist will ask you to lie down on your stomach so that she can work your back. The soft touch she uses is to tease you, which then go into firmer touches. The goal of it all is to bring you to a state of both ecstasy and pleasure.  After she is done, she’ll ask you to get on your back so that she can repeat the process for the front half of your body.

Your nude massage will not be rushed. The idea behind this type of massage is to tease you and guide you toward sexual release near the end of it (aka ‘Happy ending’).

What Are The Benefits To The Nude Massage

As you know, nude massage will provide your mind and body with deep relaxation and pleasure. However, it does have more benefits to it that just these two things. For example, it can make a positive impact on your sexual, physical and emotional health… especially for those who get regular erotic massages.

Another branch of the sensual massage is known as a Tantric massage, which has an array of benefits and often regarded as being a very spiritual experience. Nude massage is similar to Tantric massage in the benefits it provides:

  • Drop in blood pressure
  • Stress relief
  • Circulation improvement
  • More energy
  • Higher self-confidence
  • Better depression management
  • Better control over premature ejaculation (teaches recipients to control arousal and prolong the act)

The nude massage isn’t like other massage experiences with everybody experiencing something different.  It all depends on a person’s needs as well as the practices and techniques being used on the person.

If you live in the London area and want to try the nude erotic massage, there are number of nude massage therapists with varying levels of experience. Just look into our gallery or simply give us a call , we are more than happy to arrange the best treatment for you.