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Tantric Prostate massage is something no one talks about, however anyone can enjoy prostate massage, when it’s done correctly as a part of good sensual massage.

Most people who hear the phrase “anal prostate massage” will not have a positive reaction to the idea straight away. However the prostate in males is considered analogous to the G-spot in females.

men's penis and prostate Many heterosexual men consider the stimulation of the anal region to be an activity that only homosexuals engage in, and are therefore likely to be disgusted by the idea of anal stimulation. There is nothing to be afraid of, and you can simply enjoy the massage without any second thoughts.

A lack of sex education in early childhood in Western cultures may cause males to be unaware of the muscles in the pelvic floor and to clench them more easily during lovemaking, or cause a chronic stress condition in these muscles. That’s why tantric massage London can teach you a lot about your own sexuality and hidden spots on your body that also require some attention.

Such practices may limit the sexual experiences of males and cause premature ejaculation, leading men to believe that extended lovemaking without ejaculation is an impossibility.

Even though sensual prostate massage seems like a taboo, massaging of the prostate has been practiced for centuries in all cultures, and in a variety of ways. It has been used to correct sexual dysfunction and to increase blood flow as well as sex drive.

Massaging the prostate gland, or “milking” as it is commonly called, increases blood circulation to the pelvic region and thus carries more oxygen and nutrients to the entire area.

Prostate massage is enjoyable, so why aren’t more straight guys come and try this massage? read more about heterosexual taboo about prostate massage

Here are number of reasons how prostate massage will benefit you:

Ejaculation reflex sensation

No matter which method is used it is not possible to touch the prostate directly. The nearest indirect access is through the rectal wall, which means that there is still a membrane in the way. This is somewhat akin to the inhibiting sensitivity a glove. Despite this restriction the lobes of the prostrate are highly sensitive to pressure. An array of sensations may be produced by pressing, rubbing or by means of stroking the gland through the rectal wall. The most profound of these feelings is similar to that sublime sensation which is normally felt during ejaculation, as the prostate begins pumping semen.

Anal sensitivity

Along with the genital areas, the anus is connected to and interwoven with millions of delicately sensitive nerve endings, which can yield most pleasurable sensations.

Hidden penis

Unknown to most, over one third of the penis is buried inside the body. It is the base of the (hidden) penis which may be pressured in a similar manner as the prostate. The effect of stimulating all three can be awesome, if done in concert with genital stimulation. Still more overwhelming than the physiological effects is the psychological aspect of prostate massage, due to the unaccustomed nature of penetration of the receiver.

Psychological high

As powerful as physiological stimulation might be, it pales when compared to the immeasurably greater psychological or mental high. The very notion of the male placing himself into such a vulnerable position, results in a powerful mental rush, for both receiver as well giver. The willingness of the naturally controlling male to allow himself to placed in an unaccustomed submissive role, should be particularly cherished by the giver.

There are many prescient modern erotic massage parlours in London offer prostate massage, Sky tantric is proudly to be one of the pioneers and also one of the best prostate massage providers in the city. Prostate massage also known as Sacred spot massage is not included into our basic sensual tantric massage London services but can be added as extra. To learn more about tantric massage London services provided by Sky Tantric massage therapists and tantric massage prices please visit our Services and Massage donations page.

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