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Numerous Benefits Can Men Experience With The Lingam Massage

the lingam in massageOne of the most popular types of sensual massage is the Tantric massage, which comes from the ancient traditions of India and the Buddhist faith.  There are all types of Tantric massages including the Lingam massage, which is tailored to men.

Lingam is a term that comes from the Sanskrit language and means penis or, in translation, wand of light. When it comes to the Tantric massage, men can experience the Lingam massage while women can take pleasure in the yoni massage. Both types of massages put attention on the pelvic region.


Lingam Massage: How Does It Work?

The Lingam massage is extremely stimulating sexually and tends to end in release, even though it’s not the key goal behind it. An important aspect to the Tantric massage is that it helps the recipient relax. Another aspect to it is the teasing because it’s so enjoyable.

Like every other kind of erotic tantric massage, oil is the key lubricant used to ensure the massage is highly satisfying. The masseuse will use soft strokes, starting with the inner thighs before she works toward the testicles and perineum. The masseuse will put her attention on this area, stimulating it before going to the penis. The Lingam massage can cause men to experience several non-ejaculation orgasms.

If the idea behind your undergoing the Lingam massage is to give you better control over your ejaculation, the masseuse will stop when you are close to having an orgasm. This will teach you how to stave off ejaculation, giving you better control over it after a few sessions. Prolonging orgasms can certainly lead to a better sex life.


What benefits Can You Experience With A Lingam Massage

When it comes to the Lingam massage, there are a number of benefits associated with it – physical and spiritual:

  • Better control over your sexual drive and energy
  • Better control over erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation
  • Better circulation of blood, which ensures your brain and organs get a better oxygen supply
  • Better control over internal energy – helpful to those who feel tired all the time
  • Decrease in depression and stress due to heightened state of relaxation
  • Increase in self-esteem and self-confidence due to high comfort level in one’s self.

The Lingam massage is certainly helpful in improving your health and curbing sexual problems. And, while it is a very sensual therapy massage, it’s a treatment that doesn’t have to be sexual in nature. The key objective behind this form of massage is to relax and relish in the practice while experiencing the benefits that come from it.

What You Can Expect From Your Masseuse

The job of a professional masseuse is to make sure that you feel comfortable during the massage process. She’ll talk to you about your needs and come up with a massage that’s just right for you. There are all kinds of skilled masseuses that can help you to understand and carry out the Lingam massage.