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Tantric Massage Offers An Array of Benefits For Recipients’ Sexual, Physical and Emotional Well-Being 

the tantric massage

the tantric massage

There was one primary purpose behind tantric massage (or sensuous or erotic massage) and this was to stimulate the Kundalini energy to promote either emotional or physical healing.  The direct translation of Kundalini is coiled” and refers to the cataleptic, libidinal force that lies inside every person. When this energy is awoken, it can have a profound effect on the body in many, many ways. It’s often equated to a spiritual enlightening.

There are numerous techniques that wake this energy up:

  • Passive – must be attained through an experienced awakening teacher
  • Active – tends to include meditation or yoga

It may all appear to be unrelated when you’re looking for an erotic massage. However, bear in mind that Tantric massage origins go back quite far and is extremely complicated than what the idea is understood by people these days.

What “Symptoms” Are Experienced With Kundalini Awakening

Many symptoms that come with the Kundalini awakening are familiar to people who have never experienced an erotic massage including:

  • Blissful feeling
  • Intense feelings to heat/cold
  • Energy rushes

It’s not that difficult to see the similarities between the Kundalini awakening and sexual contentment. There’s no mistaken that sexual release is one part of both male and female awakening.  What is seen today is not what it was originally designed for – an uncommon method of healing.

What Is Tantric Massage Known For These Days

Tantric massage is highly recognized and applauded for its physical and emotional benefits along with being a wonderful way to experience intense pleasure. Now, physical massage has been used for both medical and erotic reasons. And, various types of erotic massage have been used by doctors on women to treat female hysteria (once thought of as a mental illness) before the start of the 20th century. The interesting thing about the treatment was that most people ignored the sexual method.

Today’s Tantra’s western version is known as a the Neotantras, which puts attention on mainly sex and is often the first thing people think of when they think about Tantric massage. The Neotantra practice, which was stimulated by the conventional Tantric methods, is heavily influenced by the Buddhist faith and comes from India. And, this is how today’s Tantric massage technique was “born”.

How Amateurs Are Learning About The Tantric Massage

neo tantra massageAlthough many professionals use the Tantric massage, it’s gained its popularity with newbies – often used as a part of sex (usually in the form of foreplay). Amateurs who use the erotic massage often learn of it through various mediums:

  • Videos
  • Erotic massage books
  • Accessories sold on the market

There are, however, some professional that still erotic massage to give recipients physical, emotional and sexual healing.

What People Get From This Form Of Erotic Massage

People who look for Tantric massage therapists are looking for someone who will ensure they get the pleasure, relaxation and peace they’re searching for. This type of massage ensures the body experiences new heights of relaxation.

Today’s form of Tantric massage gives a person the ability to allow their mind to feel restful and their body to begin the healing process. When the massage is all but complete, the body will feel less stressful and tension. It will also help to reduce the blood pressure and give the recipient better control over their ejaculation.

When used as a sex therapy, erotic massage is often utilized to help the recipient have a better libido (increase their sexual stimulus).  Erotic massage is used to help men stop premature ejaculation by giving them the tools to relax the pelvis’ musculature. It also helps with extending arousal.

Although Tantric massage’s purpose is to give an enjoyable experience, the significant part of it all is the teasing (making it last). The kind of ecstasy one gets from Tantric massage will be one you’ve never experienced before and not one to be forgotten very easily.