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Enjoy a Tantric Massage during Business trips to London

Are you coming to London for business, have you got back to back meetings with no time for yourself?

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the tantric massage in London during the session

What is Tantric Massage

If you are not familiar with the term tantric, you may be wondering what is tantric massage. This is a special massage that applies the use of loving touches to stimulate the spiritual life force while soothing the body and the senses. This experience is a celebration of your whole being and will encourage you to completely relax. You will be transported to a state of complete consciousness to touch as well as pleasure. A tantric massage for men will bring you the mastery of your sexual skills.

If you are wondering what is tantra massage you ought to be prepared to be opened up to the awareness of your breathing, energy, and touch. The tantric massage for men encompasses all parts of your being from the physical to the mental to the spiritual. This massage allows you to discover an important part of Tantra i.e. the ability of our beings to surrender completely. Learning how to surrender completely will allow you to fully experience the sensations of the moment without the distraction of anticipating the future or what is coming next. There will be no need for fantasizing or reacting because you feel the need to do so. Full surrender enables the stimulation of your sexual energy (life force) and allows you to expand and flow.

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tantric massage for men

Can Tantric Massage Cure Male Sexual Dysfunctions or It’s Just a Myth?

We at Sky tantric Massage London offering a lot of tantric massage service to men & women, during our daily operation, one of the most asked question is :

Can Tantric Massage Cure Male Sexual Dysfunctions? Today, we are here for the answer.

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunctions and other sexual problems often look for relief at massage salons, instead of the doctor’s office. Some believe they will be cured by a sensual massage; others try to forget about their problems and enjoy a different type of sexual pleasure. But what are the facts regarding sexual dysfunctions and Tantric massage?

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the root chakra

First Chakra Root

The study of the chakras begins with the root chakra, named Muladhara in Sanskrit.

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine at the tailbone in back, and the pubic bone in front. This energy center holds the basic needs for survival, security and safety and sexual expression. The root chakra is the foundation of energy, related with earth mother will provide us with the ability to be rooted into the earth plane and all our needs. Read more

the 7 Chakras

Tantra Chakras

At Sky tantric massage London, we practice tantra, implement tantra and chakras in most of our massage sessions…To enjoy the most of our Tantric massage in London, we recommend you learn more about tantra and Chakras, it will certainly help you to understand the ritual, breath, movement and the enjoyment…Today, I’m going to introduce the Chakra – energy to you.

Chakras are believe to be centers of energy. There are seven of them located on the midline of our body and each one of them will have particular qualities and characteristics.

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couple erotic massage with sky tantra

What Is Erotic Massage for Couple

Please note that this is a description erotic massages that we at Sky Tantra London offers to customer.

Some one think that a Tantric massage is just a relaxation massage on a naked body that includes pleasant touching of genitals.

Indeed, this is what you normally find. But the real Erotic Tantric massage – which is what we provide here at London – is a lot more than this and it really has the potential to enrich your sex life and relationship.

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Ritual of the Five Senses

Enjoy the spectacular London Tantric Massage to awake your five senses…If asked, anyone would know they have 5 senses, but how many of us are still aware of these five senses and the sensations that each one of them is bringing us?…

The Ritual of the Five Senses (tantra massage) is an initiation meant to bring back into your attention what it feels like to FEEL, to have perceptions of the five senses and to be aware of them in a very intimate way!

Through the help of specific elements related to each sense, you would be brought into the sacred space of each one of the 5 senses, in such a way as to experience each one very intensely, so that it brings back to life this process of perceiving through each one of our senses the world that surrounds us every moment of our life and which we  yet so often pass by, without truly discovering it, without truly living each sensation that it gives us!

Experienced in this way, The Ritual of the Five Senses will be a moment of your life when you truly experience the arousal of all of the five senses in an exemplary way that will completely take you out of your daily life and into this blissful world, and at the same time, it will stay with you afterwards, enabling you to enjoy life with much more color, with more intensity and more awareness than ever before!

We invite you into Sky Tantric Massage Temple, to enjoy the tantric massage ecstatic arousal of all your senses, and then continue to live your life in this ecstatic way!


This tantric massage session is only available to Members who have received 2 initiations already!

In case our schedule are full, we also recommend you to look for other Tantric massage providers in London, here is two massage parlours that we recommended: The first one – Cloud9 tantric massage is a trusted tantric massage temple in London, or Extatic Tantric Massage –  a newly established tantric massage agency in central London. If you are looking for other choices, you can always search for authorized tantric massage providers on London Tantric Massage Guide .


What Is Yoni Massage and How Does It Work?

Yoni massage is a spiritual massage that is meant to deepen the bond between a woman and her partner. It can also be a massage given by a tantric massage specialist who is attempting to help release the stress from a woman and to release healing energy that can go throughout her body to heal her emotionally and physically. Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina.

the "yoni"

the “yoni”

The goal of a Yoni massage is to provide pleasure for a woman. It is not intended to end in intercourse if it is administered by someone of the opposite sex, such as the woman’s lover. This form of massage is thousands of years old, and it is aligned with the Hindu belief that pleasure should be a part of everyday life. It is also believed that when the energy stored at the base of the spine is released, that the heart and yoni are connected.

In a spiritual massage, the goal is not to bring the woman to orgasm although this does happen. The goal is to help the woman release negativity of any sort from herself. The yoni is the most sacred part of a woman that deals with birth and new life.

The working of Yoni massage involves bathing, having soft meditation music playing in the background, and using a pillow under the woman’s head and hips. The tantric massage therapist caresses a woman’s head and then begins to massage her body from the head down. The woman should relax and focus on deep breathing to release any negativity.

As the therapist works his or her way down the body and gets to the yoni, the inner thighs, clitoris, and vulva are massaged. The therapist inserts one or two fingers into the yoni to find what is called the sacred spot in Tantra, which is the woman’s G-spot. (For men’s g-spot massage – prostate massage, please view London prostate massage service) The area is massaged until the woman is relaxed and rid of negative thoughts.

The difference between sexual foreplay and yoni massage is that the massage’s primary focus is healing and the release of energy that will heal a woman’s body. As a spiritual exercise, there should be meditation after the massage is completed.

Sky tantric provides best tantric massage service in Bayswater, Waterloo, and Paddington area , please contact our friendly massage expert for more details

the London tantra sex

Sky Tantric Massage & Tantra Sex London

Sky Tantric Massage London offers unparalleled tantra sex practice & tantric massage in London. There are some myth about the tantric massage and tantra sex , here we have a little article explain about the tantric sex: what it is and what it isn’t.

the London tantra sex

Tantric sex is not “free sex” or “pedestrian sex”.

Tantric sex is more than just orgasm or the union of lingam and yoni.

Tantric sex is more than kama sutra positions.

Tantric sex is not a “sport”.

Tantric sex and tantra practices have the ability to manifest “siddhis”, or mystical powers, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience and other paranormal powers. However, we must not allow these powers distract us from our goals.

Tantric sex is the fast path to enlightenment.

Tantric sex involves the marriage of two people on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Tantric sex requires “preparation” on the part of the would-be tantric because when the powerful kundalini (sexual energy) awakens, it can overwhelm the uninitiated.

Tantric sex requires a daily practice of meditation and tantra exercises to prepare the novice tantric for a profound experience.

Tantric sex is the sublime, mystical worship between Shiva and Shakti, for a mutually higher purpose, that is, for their self-realization.

Tantric sex can establish a seeker in a permanent state of bliss and inner peace.


Enjoy the sublime erotic massage experience in London with our professional tantra goddesses. Call us today to book your tantric massage session.

Stepping into Freedom

We are a tantric massage in London, and we provide tantra massage service as well as tantra training to customer.

Tantra massage helps us become aware of both the vertical and the horizontal dimensions of life. The horizontal level is our interaction with the world, how our meetings with others and with society affect us, and how we affect the world with our energy and our consciousness. The vertical level is our self, where we stand, our values, our dreams, and our integrity, our connection downward to our roots and our ground, and upwards to spirit and the expression of our souls.

tantric massage

One of the sacred laws states that every being has the right to follow and manifest their sacred dream.

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