What Is Erotic Massage for Couple

Please note that this is a description of couples massage that we at Sky Tantra London offers to customer.

Some one think that a Tantric massage is just a relaxation massage on a naked body that includes pleasant touching of genitals.

Indeed, this is what you normally find. But the real Erotic Tantric massage – which is what we provide here at London – is a lot more than this and it really has the potential to enrich your sex life and relationship.

couple erotic massage with sky tantra

A real Erotic massage is a way to give your partner the highest sexual experience, the strongest sexual energy flow, through masterfully playing his/her sexual body like a piano. It is a science of giving and receiving sexual touch in a knowledgeable way, in a way that really knows how your sexual energy moves and how to cultivate it. (reference: Why Sensual massage is good for couples)

In Erotic massage you learn how to touch each other’s body in a deeply loving and sexual way that opens their sexual being completely (normally we stay on the surface). You also learn to open up to your own arousal, pleasure and orgasms in a very different, much deeper and nourishing way. You learn a lot about how your partner’s body works, even if you are a very good lover. You learn how to become more in tune with your own body. You learn how your loving heart can be easily integrated into your love life in a transformative way. And through it all you open a whole new world of sexual bliss for yourselves to be explored, whether as a journey in itself or part of your sex sessions, such as in foreplay.

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A real Erotic massage involves a lot of knowledge about how our sexuality works – in body, heart and mind, knowledge that is rarely accessible through mainstream media. Our talented massage goddesses will give you all the necessary advice.

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