Tantra Chakras

At Sky tantric massage London, we practice tantra, implement tantra and chakras in most of our massage sessions…To enjoy the most of our Tantric massage in London, we recommend you learn more about tantra and Chakras, it will certainly help you to understand the ritual, breath, movement and the enjoyment…Today, I’m going to introduce the Chakra – energy to you.

Chakras are believe to be centers of energy. There are seven of them located on the midline of our body and each one of them will have particular qualities and characteristics.

the 7 Chakras

the 7 Chakras

Their function is to absorb energy and how much energy are taking into our body will determinate their level of activity therefore, when a chakra is not open enough (under_active ) will force another chakras to become over_active in order to compensate the disfunction.

The energy absorbed for the chakras located on the lower part of our bodies will affect directly over our instincts while the one from our up body will work govern our mental side.


The ideal state is where the chakras are balance and that will be reflected in ourselves, as we conduct ourselves or our life, how we interact with outer, our achievements and our failures. A good therapist will read in all that to find and adjust your levels of activity in order to help you resolve any situation or to prepare you in order to achieve an specific goal.

The levels of activity we need are completely different from one person to another and also from time to time those would change. For many reasons such as inherited mental structures, education, personal experience, traumatic life experiences etc.. we have a tendency to deal with a natural over-activity or under-activity from our chakras. After 12 years experience I never meet any one which balance was perfect without any help, you will see this unbalance on a child which is stubborn, moody, hysterical, inactive etc… between others, those are signs of an energy imbalance.

In future articles, we will see the characteristics of each chakra, name, location, functionality, color, location. I hope you stay with me and enjoy this information.

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