the tantra massage

History Of Tantric Massage

We offer Tantric massage in London, UK. To know better about the massage, let us talk about the history of tantric massage.

Tantric massage has been used for both medicinal and erotic purposes from a long time. The kind of sensual massage we know today has been formulated from two major sources. It was the common medical treatment in the west for treating women back in 1800s and the historical tantric practices whose major focus was meditation.

the tantra massage

the tantra massage

Evolution of Tantra

Tantra was used as a meditative yoga before 5AD and it was spread in entire Asia. It was known to be one of the traditional practices of that time. With time, a number of tantric disciplines have been developed with the goal of reviving the spirit and providing enlightenment.

It was the end of the 18th century when Tantra was introduced to the western world but it got popularity in the 1960s. But it seems that the spiritual benefits of Tantra have been forgotten in the western world. Tantra involves spiritual aspects which are focused on increasing the spiritual awareness and erotic consciousness.

Tantric massage is capable of providing a spiritual experience better than most of the sensual massages. Sexual releases are often one part of the tantric massage but this is not the major goal of the therapy. This form of massage can provide the recipient a long arousal and offer him better control.

Tantra has become a mainstream because the area of focus is now on the erotic and sensual benefits. Tantra massage is a combination of lingam and yoni massage. There is no limitation in Tantra as it is one way of providing pleasure at its peak.

The Tantra Techniques

This sensual tantric massage is performed by using plenty of tantra techniques. Therapist elevates the recipient’s arousal and leadshim to the point of ejaculation. After this, slow movements and touches help in subsiding with the sexual energy.  The therapy is performed in combination with various breathing techniques, making the sexual energytravel throughout the body of the recipient resulting in release. With the ejaculation, the stress, both physical and emotion is released too and the recipient enjoys a great erotic pleasure.

There are some rituals when it comes to performing tantric massage. The recipient has to take a bath prior to the Tantra practices. This is meant to relax the body before the actual medication begins. This can enlighten your senses and provide you peace of mind.

Benefits of Tantra

The recipient can enjoy full body orgasm by working with the chakras and sexual energy. The massage technique helps the sexual energy flow throughout the body to create full body experience, which can actually bring your whole body into the orgasmic state. Your whole body would tingle and shiver with delight. You will feel as if some of your body cells have been nourished.

Revival of the sexual energy is not the only benefit of tantric massage but it can also treat problems such as insomnia, tension in muscles, emotional stress, and similar other issues that have made your lives stressful.  No wonder it was used for treating hysteria in females in the past.


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