What Is Yoni Massage and How Does It Work?

Yoni massage is a spiritual massage that is meant to deepen the bond between a woman and her partner. It can also be a massage given by a tantric massage specialist who is attempting to help release the stress from a woman and to release healing energy that can go throughout her body to heal her emotionally and physically. Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina.

the "yoni"

the “yoni”

The goal of a Yoni massage is to provide pleasure for a woman. It is not intended to end in intercourse if it is administered by someone of the opposite sex, such as the woman’s lover. This form of massage is thousands of years old, and it is aligned with the Hindu belief that pleasure should be a part of everyday life. It is also believed that when the energy stored at the base of the spine is released, that the heart and yoni are connected.

In a spiritual massage, the goal is not to bring the woman to orgasm although this does happen. The goal is to help the woman release negativity of any sort from herself. The yoni is the most sacred part of a woman that deals with birth and new life.

The working of Yoni massage involves bathing, having soft meditation music playing in the background, and using a pillow under the woman’s head and hips. The tantric massage therapist caresses a woman’s head and then begins to massage her body from the head down. The woman should relax and focus on deep breathing to release any negativity.

As the therapist works his or her way down the body and gets to the yoni, the inner thighs, clitoris, and vulva are massaged. The therapist inserts one or two fingers into the yoni to find what is called the sacred spot in Tantra, which is the woman’s G-spot. (For men’s g-spot massage – prostate massage, please view London prostate massage service) The area is massaged until the woman is relaxed and rid of negative thoughts.

The difference between sexual foreplay and yoni massage is that the massage’s primary focus is healing and the release of energy that will heal a woman’s body. As a spiritual exercise, there should be meditation after the massage is completed.

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