Can Tantric Massage Cure Male Sexual Dysfunctions or It’s Just a Myth?

We at Sky tantric Massage London offering a lot of tantric massage service to men & women, during our daily operation, one of the most asked question is :

Can Tantric Massage Cure Male Sexual Dysfunctions? Today, we are here for the answer.

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunctions and other sexual problems often look for relief at massage salons, instead of the doctor’s office. Some believe they will be cured by a sensual massage; others try to forget about their problems and enjoy a different type of sexual pleasure. But what are the facts regarding sexual dysfunctions and Tantric massage?

tantric massage for men

Can Tantra really cure your problems?

Tantric massage comes from the Indian culture and is strongly linked to the belief sex is a sacred act which can lead to a higher spiritual level. It involves lots of techniques, being more than a simple massage, due to its multidimensional approach upon the human being.
During a Tantric massage you are being taught how to breathe deeply, in order to prologue the pleasure and postpone the ejaculation. You learn to control your feelings and your body, which is beneficial for some sexual dysfunctions.

One session is not enough

During one session of Tantric massage you might notice an improvement, such as an orgasm, but you won’t be able to master what actually lead to this result. To be able to understand your body deeper you need multiple sessions, during which you will learn how your brain controls your sexual force and how to direct this energy in the right way.

Emotional relief

Tantra is a powerful tool and a Tantric massage is nothing short. There are many sexual dysfunctions linked to a certain emotional problem – for these problems, Tantra can be an unusual treatment, due to its high spiritual and emotional power. If you manage to let go of all those emotions which prevented you to enjoy yourself during an intercourse or prevented you from having an erection, during a massaging session, you may find the experience as being relieved. The same thing goes for people who suffer from sexual anxiety, which can be “cured” after a session of Tantra massage.

Altogether, a Tantric massage can help you recover from certain sexual issues, but it doesn’t replace a traditional treatment, being more of a complementary therapy. For more information visit here.

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